As a partner of GEMINI WINGS, the Charter Broker will be able to sell one of the most valuable goods that exist – the time – this with the guarantee of availability of the plane and promptly prepared for flight in just a few hours.

Safety is the cornerstone of the structure of our services, and all aircraft that form part of this network are carefully evaluated as well as their records and maintenance control, crew training, among other important factors. We value the passenger’s ex-perience of flying safely and benefiting from the use of a private flight.

And with Covid-19 the search for private services has remained at a certain level and an increase in demand in the search for this type of service is expected.

GEMINI WINGS is undoubtedly a right choice for charter brokers and a great solution for small operators and aircraft owners.

While a charter broker needs to maintain a network of several operators in order to work properly, by being a partner of GEMINI WINGS, a larger fleet of aircraft is available at lower rates and greater availability, thus being able to offer differentiated services to passengers. It has an open channel to experienced Gemini Wings consultants who always aim to guarantee the best option for passengers, with high quality operation, performance, communication, and monitoring.

GEMINI WINGS with a fleet at the disposal of the broker, will always offer the best conditions and solutions, giving preferences for non-stop flights whenever possible, and assumes the sharing of the operation risk.

Always estimating a win-win partnership in all directions, the broker’s network of contacts can be important sources for attracting new aircraft from small operators and owners to the network and building an important relationship between GEMINI WINGS and the Broker, which makes the broker an important member of the business.