Our team


Martin Feč

Co-Founder and CEO

Martin Fec is co-founder and CEO of Gemini Wings. His career in aviation started in 2006 when he as a university student started to work for scheduled airline Sky European as a junior analyst position. After graduation at University of Bratislava he joined ABS Jets, where he took care of VIP clients at charter department.

His passion for aviation, enthusiasm for travel, customer-oriented attitude, strong analytical skills and wide aviation experience lead him to decision of his own chartering company. As a 27-year-old he founded The Charter Advisory in Prague which serves clients mainly from Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 7 years of its existence, the company became key player on charter market in its territory and get even more known in last year.

Martin was in focus for efficient utilization of available empty legs for their clients. This fact together with the all-other aviation experience and wide international network gave base for developing close cooperation with small aircraft operators where he offered their availability to his charter clients. This led to contract first 2 aircraft and support the idea of building united fleet of partners aircraft available for aviation brokers and their clients.

He is fluent in English, Slovak, Czech and Russian.

Peter Duchovny

Co-Founder and Flight Quality Director

Peter brings a unique perspective to the operations of Gemini Wings. He studied air transportation at the University of Zilina and started his official career in flight in 2009. He started as a flight dispatcher and was responsible for ensuring all the proper flight plans and crew arrangements were made. From flight operations at ABS Jets, the European leading executive jets operator, he moved to another position to become the Charter Sales Manager taking care about corporate and VIP charter clients.

Building on his love and passion in aviation together with enrolled experience enabled him to co-found Charter Advisory, which became in seven years of its existence a leading brokerage company in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Culmination of experience, constant looking for process improvement and achieving high efficiency in aircraft operation and aircraft utilization led him to co-found Gemini Wings. At Gemini Wings he is charge of improving innovative solutions for aircraft utilization and looking for getting the most out of aircraft investment for his clients.

Peter holds glider pilot license and flies in his spare time. He works hard to ensure his flights are on-time and exceed customers’ expectations. He speaks Slovak, English, and Czech fluently and basic German


Alan Ráček

Head of Sales

Alan is a Head of Sales for Gemini Wings. His journey in aviation commenced with a passion for dynamic environments and fast-paced decision-making, leading him to specialize in Business Aviation. Drawn by the prospect of a compelling opportunity, Alan found his fit at Gemini Wings. 

Motivated by the scope of work, and team collaboration, Alan excels in negotiating conditions and formulating business strategies with his co-workers. He thrives in the dynamic environment that his role offers. 

For Alan, excellent customer service means providing up-to-date information promptly, maintaining transparency in flight planning, and resolving potential operational issues collaboratively. He values proactive brokers, appreciating their contributions with local knowledge. 

Setting himself apart from competitors, Alan aspires to provide one of the best service in the business aviation industry. His favorite aspects of the job revolve around the dynamic environment and his motto is „Work hard, play hard.“ 

In addition to his professional drive, Alan is a sports and travel enthusiast, constantly seeking adrenaline rushes. His self-drive is fueled by his deep connection with his family. 

 He speaks English, a little bit of German, and Italian. 

Jana Holomucká

Flight Consultant

She has been working in the aviation environment since 1997. 

Jana has experiences not only as a stewardess and chief stewardess in diferent airlines, but most of the time she has spent in the field of General Aviation. 

She has been an ICAO English examiner for many years and was also a member of the airline’s sales team.

As the position of the flight consultant is mostly office work she compensate the time with computer by creative activities, whether at a sewing machine or by baking „heavenly“ goodies for the pleasure of not only loved ones.


Tomáš Přikryl

Finance Manager

Tomáš wanted to be a military pilot by the age of 18, just like his grandfather, who often took him to the airport when he was a child. However, he decided to pursue economics and finance, which he has been doing professionally for almost 25 years after graduating from university. 

In Gemini Wings, he is responsible for everything related to finance and economics.

Adéla Furiková

Marketing Manager

Adéla launched her professional career in the field of marketing, even though she studied property appraisal at a university.

Her work includes preparing various projects that allow her to develop creative thinking and strategic skills, which is what she enjoys the most.

Creating marketing campaigns enables her to develop original strategies that highlight the luxury and exclusivity of flight experiences. She also enjoys the challenge of reaching demanding clients and seeking new, innovative approaches to engage them.



Zuzana Koubová

Finance Accountant

Zuzka is an experienced billing and finance professional in an aviation company. With a passion for nature, travel and design, she brings a creative approach and innovative thinking to her work. 

Her passion for exploring and expanding her horizons constantly motivates her to achieve new successes.