Europe’s highest number of flown hours with Phenom 100

Prague, Czech Republic; The aircraft utilization services, performed by GEMINI WINGS have led to the most successful season with a Phenom 100 operation of Air Prague, a member of the GEMINI alliance fleet. They reached the highest number of flown hours in March as well as in whole first quarter among all European Phenom 100 operators.

GEMINI WINGS has formed an international alliance fleet comprised of private aircraft. It acts as the exclusive sales agent and guarantees an agreed regular yearly income to the aircraft operator or owner. The aircraft is simply leased to GEMINI WINGS following an innovative ‘build-up guarantee model’ that applies to every aircraft in the fleet. This model helps reducing the operational costs for individual aircraft owners and operators. The unique cooperative network model generates a guaranteed regular monthly income through effective use of their aircraft.

We have strong analytical team that is constantly monitoring the flight routes aiming their optimalization and shortening empty legs. With this proven concept we are now opened to support other operators and individual owners who are looking for more efficient use of their planes. Based on our long-term relationship with brokers network, we can schedule flights closest to airports where the clients of our brokers are based. As a result, we are able to provide them with very competitive prices without compromising the quality of the flight or in-flight service,” according to Martin Feč, CEO of GEMINI WINGS.

Gemini Wings provides brokers with detailed flight monitoring including preflight plane positioning, weather and NOTAMS, all movements, crew details and also after flight crew feedback.

We help brokers to concentrate on an increased number of flights. Thanks to the close cooperation, we can predict flight demand and shorten empty legs, which save the operators’ flight costs, and the brokers’ positioning costs. In addition, it protects the environment with less positioning flights,” says Peter Duchovny, Quality and Safety Director of GEMINI WINGS.

The numbers as shown on the graphics are based on statistics provided by WINGX Data Research.