Every aircraft entrusted to GEMINI WINGS is properly taken care of and is guaranteed compliance with any and all contractual requirements that the aircraft operation may have. GEMINI WINGS is your partner in keeping your aircraft operating with safety and generating profit. Each aircraft under our care is treated as a unique project and the operation will be optimized and customized together with the client´s requirements.

And transparency with our partners who entrusted their aircraft to us is another important goal of GEMINI WINGS, so our partners have access to our operational system and can monitor how the aircraft is used by other people, with potentially restricted access to only personal details of passengers due to privacy-related laws, but with full disclosure of technical information on each flight performed.

We also reinforce that your property is ours as soon as our partnership starts, and we have the greatest interest in preserving each aircraft in our network, thus ensuring quality service and expanding the network and bringing even better results.

GEMINI WINGS‘ main mission is to keep your aircraft flying and perfectly utilized, ensuring good revenue and the benefits of being part of this great network are achieved. And certainly, the required care with the aircraft is taken with all rigor, making our services a differential and attractive.

GEMINI WINGS guarantees that all flights performed, leisure or business, will be conducted with the utmost concern for safety and the applicable aviation requirements, and that no flight will occur in case any suspicious activity is detected, either with passengers and or the carried luggage. All aircraft entrusted to GEMINI WINGS will be treated with an aircraft of ours and will be cared for as such.

We aim for the best experience for the passenger and the owner of the aircraft, and always concerned with the good appearance of the aircraft, GEMINI WINGS guarantees the cleanliness of the aircraft each time it is used following the highest standards of this area, and especially at this time when the pandemic Covid-19 requires.