GEMINI WINGS is not just another charter provider but brings a new vision to this mar-ket. Its business model in which aircraft owners entrusted to this partnership guaran-tee the certainty of revenue previously agreed upon by the availability of the aircraft, whether the flight is taking place or not. This demonstrates the total confidence and experience in the partnership, thus ensuring that all parties involved are benefited by this new model. And of course, the more available the aircraft is in the care of GEMINI WINGS, the greater guaranteed revenue for the owner, in addition to numerous other benefits ensured by the gain of economy od scale. When entrusting an aircraft to GEMINI WINGS, you will also be ensuring that your crew flies even more and gaining more and more experience, reducing training costs due to crew idleness. We are looking for operators and individual owners who fly approximately up to 200 hours per year, and based on our experience and work, we seek to increase this use by 350 hours per year or even more, which will surely bring a reasonable return per aircraft. Added to this are the benefits that will be gained from the general operating costs. GEMINI WINGS can also provide full OCC and ground support as well. In addition, GEMINI WINGS will also be your advisor when purchasing or exchanging aircraft, which will surely bring greater negotiation advantages than doing this step alone, as well as evaluating the best places to keep your aircraft available and making revenue.

GEMINI WINGS is a very new aviation platform founded in 2020 by experienced aviation professionals with an ambitious idea of supporting small operators and individual aircraft owners to make: